Sho Noma
— Software Developer

Hi there! I am a software developer with experience in building applications using Python, Go and JavaScript.

My interest lies in solving complex problems in the field of finance, advertising and digital media.

Please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or Gmail for collaboration. I am always excited to meet new people!

Stock Price Scraper

After learning Go out of curiosity, I decided to combine my knowledge in Go and my interest in the financial market.

This web scraper takes in a list of ticker symbols, scrapes a stock market website, and outputs stock prices of the specified companies to a csv file.

Built using Go and Colly (a Go framework used for web scraping).

Slack Note

Slack Note is a minimalistic note taking app inspired by Slack’s self-DM feature, and allows you to jot down ideas in a message-like user interface.

In this project, I demonstrate my understanding of basic React.js features such as useState and useEffect, and the ability to design a web application layout from scratch using CSS flexbox and grid.

Built using React.js, HTML(JSX) and CSS.

Portfolio Website

My portfolio website with a theme inspired by Paul Smith's signature stripe.

In this project, I demonstrate my understanding of event handling in JavaScript (including event delegation for optimized performance), and implement content animation that combines JavaScript and CSS.

Built using HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript.